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We Are Recruiting Bilingual Teachers And Administrators For Multiple Positions In The U.S. And Abroad.


    • We source and recruit the best teachers from within the U.S. and abroad


    • We provide training support and services to help teachers succeed


    • We use a multi-point matching system to match a school’s needs with the best fit teachers


    • We have a hassle-free one-stop shop sourcing platform that streamlines finding, hiring, and onboarding teachers


    • We enable pre-certification hiring through conditional/flexible contract-based hiring


    • We serve schools in the U.S. and abroad


    • We have a 95% retention rate and our teachers are eligible for up to 5 years



All teachers hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, have a minimum of 2 years of experience, and have credentials/transcripts verified by Spantran Evaluation Services to ensure they meet U.S. certifications for working as teachers. Contact us about any of the following or other available candidates, our team is ready to assist in finding the right fit for your school.


Evelyn Benavides Vasquez

Teaching Spanish at Aiton Elementary in Washington, DC gave me the opportunity to overcome challenges and to grow professionally. Many students at Aiton ES are impacted by family and social situations that contribute to their behavior in the classroom. I believe that the best way to improve classroom behavior is to seek additional classroom management training. I believe this training will be critical and useful in helping me improve how I manage my students, and improve outcomes.

Evelyn Benavides Vasquez

Country: Costa Rica
World Language Spanish at Aiton Elementary School, Washington, DC

José Martin Patiño

My experience at Powell ES has been quite an apprenticeship. I have learned new ways to approach students’ learning process. Differentiating instruction, for example, is understanding that every child has a particular learning style and all teachers at Powell ES need to plan our lessons so they cater to every child’s needs. At the Powell community, I have also learned the incredible value of teamwork. When well-implemented, teamwork can work wonders! In our school, it helps us maximize instructional time.

José Martin Patiño

Country: Colombia
3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher at Powell Elementary School, Washington, DC

Campo Elías Gutierrez

My experience as a BTE teacher in Washington DC has been exceptional since I have been more familiar with the American Culture and I have improved my communicative skills because I have to speak English on a daily basis.  I am working for 2 different Elementary Schools (K-5) in DC with different educational and social contexts which has made me learned a lot more about them and has enriched me as a human being and global citizen.

Campo Elías Gutierrez

Country: Cartagena, Colombia
1st Year Teacher World Language Spanish at Bunker Hill ES

Joselyn Reyes

The beginning of this school year has been amazing, I learned a lot, I’ve had some challenges, but also have had the necessary support. I am sure that the benefit of being in a new school with a different methodology is valuable for my professional growth

Joselyn Reyes

Country: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
1st Year Teacher World Language Spanish at Creative Minds International Public Charter School

Denia Reyes

This teaching experience has opened doors of professional network, inside and outside the classroom, where the focus is providing rigorous learning experiences, with language access to language learners.

Denia Reyes de Nassar

Country: Honduras
World Language Spanish at Marie Reed ES

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