Sample Candidates Profiles

We are pleased to share these sample profiles of available teacher candidates to fill your staffing needs. All teachers hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, have a minimum of 2 years of experience, and have credentials/transcripts verified by Spantran Evaluation Services to ensure they meet US certifications for working as teachers. Contact us about any of the following or other available candidates, our team is ready to assist in finding the right fit for your school.

International Baccalaureate (IB)/Spanish

Enthusiastic, creative and open-minded educator with a great ability to encourage and direct students to maximum performance by promoting a positive student-centered learning environment. Skilled in the design of challenging curriculum, differentiated instruction according to students´ needs, use of learning strategies to stimulate students to develop autonomous learning habits. Teach language and literature with the International Baccalaureate (IB) approach, BA in Bilingual Education and more than 5 years of experience.

Social Sudies/Spanish

I have 15 years of experience working with elementary and middle school students, teaching subjects such as Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science and I can say that I have been successful in all these grades due to my capability of understand students’ needs and their way of thinking. I have a degree in education with emphasis in Social Studies, I am also taking a master degree in teaching English as a foreign language.


I have been working as a teacher for more than 15 years with a BA Degree in Education with an Emphasis in Science. One of my strengths is constantly reflecting on my practice and looking for ways to improve everyday my teaching way, that help learning process on kids in school. I use creative tools to manage the classrooms and help learners learn in a didactic way.

Mathematics Physics/Spanish

I come from a family of educators with a lot of values and passion and respect for education. I enjoy learning new things working with people. In the school setting I am always trying to build relationship and making connections with my students by providing ongoing support both academically and personally recognizing and valuing their unique needs. I have more than 13 years of experience and a BA in Science of Education Specialty in Mathematics and Physics.

Alexander Oñate

Bachelor in Languages (French, English, German and Spanish) with more than eighteen years of experience leading classroom instruction. I consider that the key success factors in my career have been the conflicts negotiation capacity and the introduction of the topics in an applicable, realistic, and very didactic way to my students.

Gonzalo Alberto

A Bilingual Teacher with more than 10 years of experience and a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all children to be successful learners. Experienced in one-on-one tutoring and instruction of ESL.


Certified trilingual (English, French, and Spanish Teacher) with more than 12 years of experience working on classroom instruction. Devoted, active and determined teacher strongly committed to the social and academic growth of children.

Viviana Cepeda

Bachelor in Philology and languages and more than 10 years of experience. I enjoy helping children grow not only as intellectual and academic beings but also taking into account the different dimensions of the human being since we are a fundamental part of a society.

Jacks Robert

A certified English Teacher with more than 3 years of experience with a Master Degree in Didactics of the English Language. Skills in leading teams, building consensus and motivating others to reach their fullest potential and disciplined and committed to the teaching and learning processes.

Edna Rocio
Early Childhood

A Bilingual Teacher with a Bachelor Degree in Childhood Education and a Master degree in Education with emphasis on English Didactics with more than 5 years of experience. Excellent presentation and communication skills and a creative, flexible teacher with a deep understanding of teamwork. High lesson planning competence and special interest towards teaching research


Highly enthusiastic, creative and hardworking language teacher with more than 7 years of experience and a Master Degree of Arts in Applied Linguistics to Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Provide a motivating learning environment in which students make the most of their interests and abilities and encourage problem solving and language for real world needs.

Jorge Olmos
ESL/Spanish/ literatures/Linguistics

Bilingual Teacher with 9 years of experience and a certified teacher with a Masters of Arts in Linguistics and TESOL from the World Languages Department at West Virginia University. My area of expertise focuses on second language acquisition and the several linguistic features involved in a process as such.

Nancy Malena

Dedicated, enthusiastic and goal-driven educator with more than 10 years of experience with a major in Bilingual Education. Adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously. A diligent teacher who has a proven ability to enhance students’ performance to shape a better world for the students and empower them with knowledge.

Nelson Machigua

Certified Math Teacher and Bilingual Educator with 10 years of experience designing curriculum, and working with middle and high school. Skills in leading teams, and motivating others to reach their fulles potential and disciplined and committed to the teaching and learning processes.

Pengp Petiong

Bilingual Teacher with 5 years of experience and a certified teacher in Linguistics and Literature. Possess specific training in language arts and feel great vocation for the world of teaching. Development and implementation of interactive learning to enhance student´s understanding and provide activities for students with special educational needs.

Viviana Katerine
Special Ed/Spanish

A certified bilingual (English and Spanish Teacher) with more than 4 years of experience and Master in Neuropsychology and Education. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all children to be successful learners. Experienced in instruction of ESL.

Heidy Diaz

An Enthusiastic bilingual (English-Natural Sciences Teacher) with over 12 years of experience teaching English and Sciences in Secondary school, guiding individualized instruction and meeting state standards. Talented and caring person who loves making a real difference to young people´s lives through teaching.

Claudia Rocha

I am an English/Spanish/French teacher with a MA in Applied Linguistics and more than 20 years of experience leading classroom instruction. I have a great love for teaching and learning and always strive to build a positive atmosphere in the teaching-learning community I belong to.

Cesar Romero

Enthusiastic bilingual (English- Spanish) Teacher with more than 20 years’ successful track record in elementary, middle and high school teaching. With a Masters in English Teaching, Adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously such as planning, setting, evaluating exams and assignments. Actively takes part in staff meetings and school programs.

Rosa Cantaro

A trilingual English, French and Spanish teacher with 8 years of experience and a Masters in Education, working with elementary and middle public schools. Enthusiastic, responsible, creative, patient and open-minded educator. Exceptional leadership in the classroom, organizational and planning abilities.

Daiver Zambrano

I am a highly motivated, dynamic, and committed educator with 11 years of solid teaching experience and a Master of Arts, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) both in local and international school settings. I have a passion for languages, and I have had the pleasure to teach kids from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Jeymy Miranda

I am a bilingual teacher (English and Spanish) with eighteen years working experience as a preschool, primary and secondary teacher, teaching English as a second language. I am very responsible, patient, caring, open –minded, tolerant and supportive with those who work around me.

Sandra García

Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language with more than ten years of experience leading classroom instruction in elementary, middle, high school and university. Responsible, organized and committed towards institutions objectives and students’ needs.

Karen Peña

Hardworking, patient, trilingual student-centered teacher with 3 years of classroom and a B.A. French Philology, experience in both public and private educational institutions. With the ability to adapt to changing conditions, meet strict deadlines and work well under pressure.