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An Easy and Affordable Way to Recruit, Retain Native Teachers and Improve Global Learning

Bilingual Teacher Exchange is dedicated to providing teacher recruitment, retention, and support services to identify qualified native bilingual teachers to teach Spanish/French/Mandarin in the areas of Language Arts, Science, or Mathematics in local U.S. schools, and U.S. teachers who can improve English language learning in schools abroad.

Focus on Retention and Support Services

We recruit native Spanish/French/Mandarin trained teachers to work in the U.S. and native English teachers to teach abroad. Our highly trained professionals specialize in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Sciences. Once accepted, teachers can be retained for up to three years or more, and our program focuses on retention and comprehensive support services to ensure school and teacher success.

Rethinking Bilingual Teacher Recruitment Practices: 5 Practices Learned From Uber

While demographics of US classrooms have increasingly changed over the last decade, the practice of successfully recruiting and hiring bilingual teachers has not. There are several obstacles including requiring certifications and bilingual extensions in advance of hire. The attached presentation list 5 practices employed by Uber, the leading ride hailing service, that can be employed to help improve bilingual teacher recruitment and hiring practices in US school systems.

Services for schools

Recruitment and sourcing services

Sponsorship and onboarding services

Promoting schools and districts to our networks

Support scheduling online interviewing and selection

Benefits to Schools/Districts

Immediate staffing solutions to avoid lengthy and costly recruitment efforts

Retention of 95% of all BTE teachers for up to 3-5 years

Classroom instruction delivered by highly motivated and qualified native teachers who share similar backgrounds as their students

Provide essential bilingual academic and support services to students and families with immediate impact

Ongoing support services and training to help avoid the long expensive process of recruitment and retention, and to help focus on other critical areas.

Our Teachers Will Meet Your Criteria

Meet all US State Department regulations for teacher exchange programs

Work ready in the US

Teaching credentials validated by state agencies

Have at least a bachelor’s degree or more

Have at least 3 years of teaching experience

Prepared to meet all state certifications

Background and criminal checks performed

Are highly motivated to succeed at your school

Can be retained for up to 5 years

We Customize Your Recruitment Options

Recruitment, sourcing, sponsorship and onboarding, services tailored to meet your needs at an affordable cost as follows:

Special program for less than 5 teachers

Special bundle for 6-12 or more teachers

Sourcing for group of 12-24 teachers

Sourcing for group of 25 or more teachers